King Von Autospy Report: Tragic death right after magic music week

King Von was fatally shot on November 6, 2020, during an altercation outside a nightclub in Atlanta, Georgia. The incident resulted in the deaths of King Von and two others, and several others were injured. In this article, we will firstly get to know King Von, then will dive into highlights of King Von Autospy report and the investigation behind it. Keep reading on

I. Who was King Von?

King Von Autospy
King Von Autospy

King Von, whose real name was Dayvon Daquan Bennett, was an up-and-coming rapper from Chicago, Illinois. He was born on August 9, 1994. Von grew up in the Parkway Gardens neighborhood, also known as “O-Block,” which has been associated with high levels of crime and violence.

He began his music career in 2018, gaining attention with his mixtapes and singles. King Von’s music often reflected the harsh realities of street life, recounting his experiences with violence, crime, and the struggles of his community. He was known for his vivid storytelling, captivating lyrics, and energetic delivery.

Some of his notable songs include “Took Her to the O,” “Crazy Story,” “War with Us,” and “What It’s Like.” King Von garnered a significant following, both in Chicago and nationwide, with his authentic storytelling and gritty style.

Unfortunately, King Von’s life was cut short on November 6, 2020, when he was involved in a shooting outside a nightclub in Atlanta, Georgia. The incident resulted in his untimely death, along with two others. His passing was mourned by fans and fellow artists, who recognized his talent and potential within the hip-hop industry.

However, his promising career was tragically cut short due to his untimely death in November 2020. This happened just one week after King Von released his album “Welcome to O’Block” on October 30, 2020, just days before his untimely death. The title of the album pays tribute to the O’Block neighborhood in Chicago, where he was raised and which played a significant role in shaping his life and music.”Welcome to O’Block” received positive reviews from both fans and critics alike. It achieved notable success on the charts, debuting at No. 13 on the Billboard 200, which marked King Von’s highest debut for an album in his career at that time.

II. King Von Autospy Report: key highlights

On November 6, 2020, King Von was involved in a shooting incident outside a nightclub in Atlanta, Georgia. The altercation took place outside the Monaco Hookah Lounge, where an argument broke out between two groups of individuals.

According to reports, the dispute escalated into gunfire, with multiple individuals exchanging gunfire. King Von, along with two others, was fatally shot during the altercation. They were immediately transported to a nearby hospital, where they were pronounced dead.

While the official autopsy report of King Von has not been released to the public, there have been unauthorized photos circulating online that claim to depict King Von’s autopsy. These images show a deceased King Von on the autopsy table, with visible stitches covering his torso and his tattoos still visible. Also, the report says King Von was shot 5 times, 3 shots in the back, 1 in the right groin, 1 in the left shoulder. They gave him 3 rounds epinephrine to start the heart and improve breathing and 5 rounds of electric shocks to the chest. He had a damaged kidney, spleen, pancreas; His small intestines were damaged and something else. It was ruled as too much tissue damage. King Von’s fans have expressed their disgust over the leaked images and called them disgusting.

King Von Autospy
King Von Autospy

III. Investigation on King Von incident

After the tragic shooting incident involving King Von on November 6, 2020, an investigation was launched to determine the details surrounding the altercation. Law enforcement authorities conducted a thorough examination of the incident, collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses, and reviewing surveillance footage.

The investigation aimed to establish the sequence of events leading up to the shooting and identify those involved. It also sought to determine the motive behind the altercation and any potential connections between the individuals present at the scene.

As part of the investigation, several individuals were arrested and charged in connection with the incident. Their involvement and roles in the altercation were evaluated based on the evidence gathered and witness statements. One of the individual was Timothy Leeks, but he was released from Fulton County Jail on Mar. 27 after posting a $100,000 bond, which came as a shock to King Von’s fans and others.

King Von Autospy - Timothy Leeks
King Von Autospy – Timothy Leeks


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